DURAGREEN Fiber Cement Boards are made from a well selected materials like engineering grade cellulose fiber, binder and fine-ground silica sand and using Hatschek machine, autoclaved as well as air-cured process which offers the ideal choice in fiber cement with high performance properties.


DURAGREEN Cladding is popularly used in building façade system.With excellent properties of impact strength and water/moisture resistance. DURAGREEN Cladding
can be applied in commercial, industrial and residential building. Easily decorative finish allows the architect’s creativity in design, innovation and creative expression.

When used for external cladding, the joints between the boards can be open, closed, especially where speedy construction is required and where cleanliness and hygiene is of high importance, such as schools and hospitals.

DURAGREEN Clad Benefits


Surface Finish Versatility

Termite Resistant

Easy to install

Termite Resistant

Moisture & Humiity Resistant

Impact Resistant

Dimensionally Stable

DURAGREEN Clad Standard Dimensions

DURAGREEN Clad Physical Properties

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