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The Differences Between Pressing Tiles And Extrusion Tiles

Tiles are an essential element in construction and bring beauty to your house roof. When it comes to roof tiles, there are a variety of colours, shapes and materials available. One of the most popular tiles today is concrete roof tiles. Concrete Roof Tile tiles can be formed either by pressing or extrusion.

* Pressed tiles are obtained from a paste that is compacted and formed by a high pressure before firing

Feature :

+ Light weight, reduce the roof load for the building project

+ Nice and tight design because dry-pressed tiles are consistent with regard to their overall dimension

* Extruded tiles are formed by passing the raw materials in the form of a paste through a special tube forming a strip of cement mixer which is then cut into tiles.

Feature :

+ High productivity but heavier and more coarseness because these tiles are less dimensionally consistent than pressed tiles


Our products are manufactured by pressing technology and arcylic coating technology, which gives our tiles with the following outstanding advantages:

+ Super lightweight

+ Nice and tight design

+ Smooth and durable surface

Duragreen Concrete Roof Tiles is a high quality 100% Acrylic roof paint designed to provide long lasting beauty and mold prevention, it helps:

+ Required less cleaning and maintenance than the competition.

+ Resist cracking due to its thickness and flexibility.

+ Resist mold and mildew and will not chalk and peel like other roof paints

All working to keep your roof looking and performing better than new.

For more detail information, please feel free to contact us!

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