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Compressed Fiber Cement Flat Board and Corrugated profile roofing sheet

PVA fiber  has  good  alkaline  resistance,  high  tenacity  and  high  modulus  and  are  often  used  for  the replacement of asbestos as the recent worldwide restriction.
Cement board that required more ductility for the reliability with multiple and micro-cracking fracture toughness made by Hatcheck process and high compression serve this purpose.

Fiber cement roofing sheet | Duragreen Fiber Cement

DURAGREEN corrugated profile roof sheet

Our fiber cement roofing sheets is completely ASBESTOS FREE.  Reinforcement material is KURALON fiber, manufactured and supplied by the KURARAY GROUP.

DURAGREEN Flexiboard

This is the most durable and flexible board you can find in the market GUARANTEE!

This type of fiber cement boards shows high strength, high ductility, high durability which can be used for many civil engineering application because of light weight and easy handling.

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