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DURAGREEN PREMIUM Fiber cement calcium silicate board are made from a well selected materials like engineering grade cellulose fiber, binder and fine-ground silica sand and using Hatschek machine, autoclaved as well as air-cured process which offers the ideal choice in fiber cement with high performance properties.

DURAGREEN Part Benefits


Termite Resistant

Impact Resistant

Easy to install

Surface Finish Versatility

Moisture & Humiity Resistant

Dimensionally Stable

DURAGREEN Part Standard Dimensions

DURAGREEN Part Physical Properties


Calcium Silicate Board | Duragreen Fiber Cement

DURAGREEN Partition PREMIUM Fiber cement calcium silicate boards which are perfect choices of non-loadbearing interior partitions because of its benefits such as: versatility, simplicity and speed of installation. DURAGREEN Partition has high impact resistance, strength, durability and moisture resistance suiting for the most rigorous of demands. With partition cavity, installing of cabling, pipework and other services is very flexible. DURAGREEN Partition is particularly well suited for tropical and sub-tropical regions because it isn’t damaged by high humidity.
DURAGREEN Partition is well suited for interior partitions and drywall system applications with flush or open joints. DURAGREEN Partition provides excellent durability and dimensional stability.

DURAGREEN Premium Fiber cement board Certificates

Test report Calcium Silicate Board | Duragreen Fiber Cement

Non-asbestos certificate - XRD test method

Test report Calcium Silicate Board | Duragreen Fiber Cement

Reaction to fire test and Physical properties meet ISO 1182:2010 & ASTN C1185-08

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