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Whether you are building a new home or are considering replacing partitions and ceilings, you want to choose a material that serves as a source of durability and looks great when doing it

Every home owner wants the best of both worlds with regard to their property, and sometimes this means taking the road less traveled

Vinyl and wood shingles have long become popular siding choices, but they have been seeing increasing competition from another, lesser-known product which is fiber cement board

FC board comprised of a unique mixture of ground silica sand, Portland cement and cellulose fibers. It has been an available siding solution for nearly 100 years but has recently witnessed a surge in popularity in the residential market.

Let’s move to some facts of fiber cement that you may not know:

1. Cement Board Siding is Durable & Easy to Maintain

One of the real benefits of fiber cement siding is that it resists mold and mildew, does not need as much maintenance as vinyl or wood. This does not mean it is maintenance-free — all kinds of siding need proper maintenance to maintain their look and the protection they offer to your home.

But with fiber cement siding, most of the maintenance required is straightforward and easy to do. In most cases, you can do it yourself very easily with materials that are available in your home.

Over the long haul, you’ll need to paint fiber-cement siding periodically because it will fade due to the demands of Mother Nature.

2. Fiber cement board is Versatile & Easy to Install

Fiber cement is a durable product that is easy to work with. Fiber cement’s ease of installation means quicker completion times and lower labor cost for homer who hire constructors when we compare it with brick worked wall.

3. Quality of Fiber Cement Board

One of the most important benefits of fiber cement board are the strength and durability it provides. This type of material protects the home from wind and rain damage, and can even withstand hurricane level storms. In fact, fiber cement sidings outperform many siding competitors in a range of climates

Plus as we all know, the average lifespan of fiber cement siding is roughly 50 years, and most manufacturers’warranties last as long. As a result, it is likely are that we will never need to replace the siding on your house again if you option for fiber cement, the same can not be said of traditional vinyl or wood

From an aesthetic standpoint, fiber cement is an all-round excellent choice. Because it can easily be painted, it is highly recommended for homeowners who want the ability change the colour of their home’s exterior.

4. Cost of Fiber cement board

Installation of fiber cement siding can be a bit costly. Labor costs are a bit higher because fiber cement requires more manpower to deliver and install. Fiber cement sheet is relatively more expensive than some other materials. However, most homeowners find that over the long run the bit of extra cost is worth it because they are bug, moisture, and fire-resistant, and long-lasting, greatly reducing the need for repair and replacement and they don’t mind spending a little more upfront to get quality that will last a lifetime

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