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DIY: installing fiber cement fencing step-by-step guide

Did you know that DuraGreen non asbestos fiber cement sheet can be used for fencing application.

Here is the guide for installing fiber cement fencing in easy step-by-step:

Step 1. Run a string line

Set up a string line to get a start and finish point for your fence line. This will keep your fence nice and straight and finish where you want it. Then use the marker paint to mark a line along the string line. When you’re done, remove the string line.

Step 2. Dig your trench

Making sure it is safe to dig where your fence is going, dig a trench to 600mm deep so at least 1/3 of the hardiefence sheet is in the ground. 

Step 3. Position your first sheet in the trench

Once you’ve dug your trench, put the first sheet in place with someone to help you. Check it is level along the top of the fence and upright so it’s not leaning forward or backwards. Then backfill your trench a little bit to hold the sheet in place. 

Step 4. Put in the rest of the sheets

Put the second sheet in place and overlap by one ridge. When the sheets are lined up, use a clip to hold it in place. Check levels again to make sure your fence is even. You can pack some soil underneath the paneling to get it level if you need to. Repeat the process, installing sheets all the way down the fence line.

Step 5. Overlap final sheet to make panels fit

When you get to the end of your fence, there’s no need to cut the panels. If you need the sheet a little bit shorter just overlap by a few more ridges and clip it together. Backfill the trench with soil to secure in place.

Step 6. Place capping on fence top

Place the fence capping along the top of the fence. There are indents on the end of each piece of capping to allow the pieces to fit together neatly. Now the fence is ready to paint.

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