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Fiber cement roofing sheet is robust and will not rot or decay, making it ideal for use in exposed areas. Available in a range of colours and in profile and variety in dimension (length, width, thickness).

Advantage of using fiber cement sheet over using iron sheet:

  • Highly cost effective;

  • Weather resistant;

  • Fire resistant;

  • Safety;

  • Low maintenance.

1. Highly cost effective

Unlike the building materials available in the market, fiber cement roofing sheets are cost-effective in every possible manner. Corrugated fiber sheets are very good additives with cement which also gives highest strength to the roofing material. Compared to any other roofing material, this is cheaper yet with the same durability.

Fiber cement roofing sheet is quite a robust roofing solution. They won’t rot or decay due to weather conditions, thus, making an ideal solution to use in the exposed areas. Once installed, they will also last for years.

2. Weather resistant

Corrugated roofing sheets are a natural insulator. As a result, these sheets have thermal efficiency ten times higher than that of the other roofing materials like metal sheets. Being natural insulators, they remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to their inherent thermal insulation properties, the roofing sheets are ideal in any weather conditions. Also, it cuts out carbon dioxide emissions, thus combating climate change as well.

3. Fire resistant

The natural fire-resistant property of fibre cement sheets make it perfectly ideal for roofing solution. Our DURAGREEN roofing sheets conform to the stringent fire safety guidelines and hence offer the highest level of security against fire. It is a non-combustible building material.

4. Safety

Sheets made by natural components without asbestos, it is safe for human health and friendly environment.

5. Low maintenance

Designed to be highly robust and resist nearly any problem that usually roofing, fiber cement roofing sheets require virtually no maintenance. If you want to keep your fibre cement roof looking as beautiful and performing as well as the day it was installed, all you’ll need to do is give it an occasional clean to remove excess dirt and debris. This is best done using soft sponges, water, and mild detergent.

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