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DURAGREEN fiber cement corrugated roofing sheet among world’s competitors

Since the end of 2019, Covid pandemie has affected and continues to cause economic recession in most every sector of the industry. However, as a secondary product, fiber cement roof demand has increased and boosted competitors in the world among the brands which vary from prices and qualities due to cost of materials, installation and the location of the buyers and sellers and the capacities of other sellers in the same market and other typical alternatives.

These brands share pros and cons common to fiber cement products. Their products with fiber cement can have fire rating, resist insects, prevent moisture, or cracks or warranty. Fiber cement sheets can be repainted or put colors inside the roofing sheets. However, if dropped or carried without proper support and expects recommendations, it can be broken. Sometimes, the application needs to cut fiber cement into smaller pieces, and so they need to pay attention to the safety glasses and dust by wearing protective gears. In the context of booming Internet, it is so easy to recognize the most outstanding producers of fiber cement roof such as: Cembrit-UK Landini-Italy Duragreen-Vietnam Eternit-India Brasilit-Brasil Nikalit-Turkey Among these competitors, Duragreen has emerged as a fiber cement brand as one of our best choices for your roof system with high automated Hatschek technology. In our production line, it is well selected from the input materials, in which PVA fiber of Japan, contributes greatly to the success of the product. We are highly proud to be the first company in Vietnam which has been successful in manufacturing 100% asbestos free corrugated sheet which the best synthetic fiber (PVA) is to replace asbestos fibers. Our products are manufactured on modern, automated lines and comply with rigorous standards such as Japanese standard JIS A 5430: 2004, Korean standard KS L 5114: 1998 and Vietnamese standard TCVN: 2000…As a result, our fiber cement roofing sheet has confirmed the position in the international arena since 2008. As a result, the Duragreen fiber cement roofing sheets are now omnipresent throughout the world from South America (Peru) to Asia (Korea, Japan), Middle East (Pakistan, Srilanka) to Africa (Senegal, Benin, Mozambique, Ghana)....

Duragreen fiber cement sheets also focus on the variety of the product. Besides the traditional fiber cement roof in grey, we offer fiber sheets with red in masse), with different dimensions to meet any request of the customer.

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