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Fiber cement roofing sheet is one kind of new type building material, it is non-asbestos, the main raw material is cement, paper pulp and other components, after special production process, with process slurry making, Hatschek technology forming sheet process is widely used in many different building industrial and projects.

Now with world economic development, every country has higher demand for building material, especially required good features like saving energy, fireproof, waterproof, high strength, light weight. Meeting those criterias, so now fiber cement roofing sheets are widely used in many buildings with variety advantages.

So, what is a model of fiber cement roofing sheet production line?

It needs 8 basic stages to produce fiber cement roofing sheets by using a production line. The production line consists of 5 main areas corresponding to the stages.

  • The fabrication of fiber cement roofing sheets starts in the preparation zone (zone 1), where PVA fibers are mixed with slurry.

  • Then, this mixture is transferred to the hydraulic vertical mixer to make two – component slurry preparation.

  • After that, PVA was added to the two-component slurry to create a three-component slurry and then are discharged into the turbo-mixer to continue mixing with the necessary additive components. The Hatschek machine is used (zone 2) to form the green sheet with a fixed thickness from 4 mm to 8 mm.

  • The next production stage involves the forming sheet (zone 3).

  • After forming, it is transferred to a steam curing chamber (zone 4) where they remain for 2.5 to 3 hours.

  • Next, the sheets can be taken off the stack and placed on a pallet. This must be done as quickly as possible since the sheets are still quite warm and damp, and so they should not be allowed to cool and dry too much or too quickly. The sheets placed on the pallets are left to mature and are cured in steady thermal - moisture conditions, e.g., on the yard (zone 5) for 14 days.

  • After that time, the sheets obtain the proper bending strength, and some moisture is removed naturally.

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