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The best 5 brands of Fiber cement board for construction and building material in Asia

1. Shera

SHERA Board is a non-asbestos fibre-cement building board composed of Portland cement, cellulose fibre and refined sand. Using a manufacturing process called autoclave, SHERA board acquires the strength, durability of cement plus easy workability and dimensional stability. SHERA Boards come in various formats and can be used in a wide variety of building applications.

2. Kalsi

Kalsi fibre cement boards and planks are durable and highly resistant to most environmental conditions. They are the best alternative to wood, concrete and masonry constructions, as they meet the best performance required for dry construction solutions.

3. Prima

PRIMA Fibre Cement Boards are manufactured by HUME Cemboard Industries (HCI), the family of products comprise of cellulose fibre cement boards in various dimensions that provide internal lining and external architectural cladding solutions for buildings and their surrounds.

Fibre cement board products are made from high grade cellulose fibre, quality cement, sand and water and it can be used in myriad applications in the residential, industrial and commercial markets.

4. Everest

Everest Heavy Duty Fibre Cement Board is a superior quality fibre cement product. The name itself implies that the board is specially designed for heavy duty applications. Its load bearing capacity and strength is intended for places where the walls are in frequent contact with moisture and is a higher strength version of Everest Fibre Cement Board. It has been specially made to stand in tough conditions and yet keep performing.

5. Duragreen

DURAGREEN Fiber cement boards in Viet Nam supply a wide range of fiber-cement product solutions for facades and roofing such as slates, corrugated sheets and flat boards and in a substantial range of colors, sizes, shapes and surface textures. DURAGREEN Fiber Cement Boards are made from a well-selected material mix of cement, special grade cellulose fiber and sand on Hatschek process using auto-claved and air-cured process which offers the ideal choice in fiber cement and provides high performance solutions.

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