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1. Long Lifespan of fiber cement board

The real benefit to fiber cement board's longevity comes when you compare it to other siding materials. Fiber cement board goes above and beyond what other resources can provide by outlasting the competition.

Fiber cement is actually made of cement that has been reinforced with cellulose to make it stronger and more durable. As a result, it has the same durability as brick or stone. And just as with a brick or stone home, Fiber cement board should last for the life of your home. Some fiber cement board manufacturers offer warranties that last for up to 50 years on their product, which shows just how confident they are in the long life of their product. Aside from being low-maintenance, fiber cement board is also energy efficient and, to a small degree, contributes to insulating your home.

Impressively, unlike wood siding, fiberboard board does not rot or require frequent repainting. It is fireproof, insect resistant, and performs well in natural disasters.

2. Safe for the planet

The main reason why fiber cement board is becoming more and more popular is sustainability when it comes to eco-friendliness. In spite of using a lot of water during production as regular cement, Fiber cement relies on recycled materials and consumes fewer resources. Currently, some regions of the world face serious water shortage, so it is necessary to use materials that reduce water usage.

When it comes to eco-friendly materials siding, you probably think of wood. Of course, wood are also eco-friendly but only to an extent. Once they start breaking down, they’re harder to recycle. In fact, the pieces are better off becoming part of the fiber-cement mix.

Unlike volatile organic compounds from some other materials like vinyl, which can affect human health negatively, fiber cement is comprised of the organic materials that make it a standout for environmentally friendly material and less harmful to nature

3. Solutions for all types of weather

Wind, water and fire is 3 main forms of nature that every building encounters. Extreme weather changes can damage a building structure over time. By using the Hatschek process and High-Pressure Steam Curing technology, Fiber cement board offers high stability and strength, all year round. Unlike other materials’s poor compatibility with moisture, fiber cement’s composition fights moisture decay and mildew. So, those recurring issues with moss and the disintegration due to moisture? That won’t happen with fiber cement.

Picking the right siding for your house is a delicate balancing act between good looks, durability, maintenance, and affordability. With wood, vinyl, stone or brick, you might get only two or three of these. But with fiber cement siding, a resilient mix of wood pulp and portland cement, you can get all four.

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